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Electrician & Electrical Services Contractor


Residential Electrician

A residential electrical project, or repair, needs to be performed safely. This accountability should not be left to an amateur electrician. Our licensed professionals handle minor repairs to complete renovations – safely and promptly.


Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician must be highly qualified, and experienced. We maintain, and develop commercial facilities for many prominent clients.  Let us show you the difference a professional, service-oriented contractor can make



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QuietCool Systems

QuietCool whole house fans are an innovation in energy-efficiency. They are rated the greenest, and quietest fans on the market. We have customized thousands of QuietCool systems, and we are O’ahu’s preferred dealer, and installer.

Serving the Entire Island of Oahu in Hawaii



Electrical Repair

Have an electrical issue that you can't figure out? We specialize in troubleshooting, and repair.  We guarantee your electrical problems will be solved safely, and accurately


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Off Grid Solar

We have the best prices on off grid solar installations in Hawaii. Our batteries and inverters will make sure you always have the right amount of energy. One of our off grid solar experts will build you a custom solution.

on grid solar hawaii

Grid Tied Solar Installation

Grid tied solar installations may be just what you need. We can design and install a custom solar pv system that can earn, sell, and generate revenue from Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)


Ceiling Fan Installation

We offer professional ceiling fan installations. We carry fans from the leading manufacturers, and can help you add style, and comfort to any room in your home.

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It's always a pleasure working with Direct Electric Hawaii. They truly care and their attention to detail is unmatched. 

Nick George


Jared Ikeda Oahu

Got a reference to Direct Electric (among others) through Home Advisor. Rod Martin followed up on my request for references, but I was already considering some other referrals when Rod called, so I told him "maybe some other time." As it turns out, for various reasons, I could not get any of the other electricians to make an acceptable proposal to do the multiple small tasks I wanted done for a reasonable price within a reasonable time frame. So after 2 or 3 days of trying and beginning to feel a little desperate, I went back to Direct Electric and called Rod. Boy, am I glad I did! In the space of 1 hour, I got an attractive proposal from Rod and commitment to do the job within the next 2 days, all over the phone. As things turned out, he was at my home the next day with an assistant, and got all the several tasks I wanted done in expeditious fashion. Almost as importantly, Rod was great to work with, responded thoughtfully to all my questions, explained everything he was doing, came up with solutions when unexpected problems surfaced, and best of all, did everything the way I wanted it done. Bottom line: Direct Electric did a great job for a very reasonable price. As a bonus, the principal, Rod Martin, is both personable and professional. From now on, Direct Electric gets all the electrical work for which I do the hiring.


Before putting up my solar system I consulted with 3 companies.  The two  large solar companies sent out a salesman to pitch solar who assured me that the designers and electricians would take care of everything after I signed the papers.   With the guys from Direct Electric,  I received detailed information regarding the panels, inverters, cabling,  roof location, service interconnect and necessary panel upgrades right from the  first meeting from the actual system engineer not a salesman who was going to refer my questions to somebody else.    I have a difficult roof of Monier Tile with a prior coating and an open beam ceiling underneath.   Direct Elecric understood my concerns about the roof and ordered a special double flanged bracket instead of the normal z bracket offered by the other companies.  The installers were extremely careful on the roof and hit every beam perfectly.   A professional roofer stated that if I put solar on the roof as it is now I would have cracked tiles and leaks immediately.  Thanks to the care and professionalism of the DEC installers I have no leaks and no cracked roof tiles.   All the permitting process, interaction with HECO, and final approvals were handled perfectly.   I was kept informed every step of the way as the process moved through the stages and everything was on time and on schedule. 

Hawaii has a lot of  solar companies that will throw some solar panels on your roof.   However, if you want personalized service,  done on time, on schedule and on budget by consummate  professionals,  I suggest you use Direct Electric for your solar/electrical needs. 

Ariel Miller Hauula
Solar Panels Oahu